In 1975 my family bought a house in the heart of tuscany. A large stone fireplace with a big coat of arms on top, and a considerably large wooden stove, has changed my life forever…Yes, after a long research, intrigued and fascinated by all of those who have lived there, we understood a lot. That house, at the end of 17th century, was born as an Inn station! An oasis for travelers that offered food and shelter for those who arrived after a long trip in the center of Italy. A story and a tradition that has been going on until the middle of ‘900. Looking throughout the old library in the country and talking to the local elders, we were able to tell which was the typical dish of the ancient station and who were the managers. Yes, an inspiration to me: The Bruschetta, and do you know how they called my great grandfather Giovanni? Johnny, and then …BRUSCHETTA, why not?!?

Hence my idea, to serve traditional products in the most famous for travelers: Florence! A cozy resting spot where you can taste the real Tuscan bread and the best wine of the winemaking tradition. At every bruschetta its glass, at every chopping its taste, at every soup its wine…


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